Free our last 6 dolphins in Belgium.




Morgan the Lost Orca

Dolphins are self-aware beings.
They bear a name, they reflect, they invent, they talk, they love, they play, they like to live with family and friends in large pods. Dolphins love travelling, splitting the waves, diving deep and hunting together.

Endowed with a powerful brain and living a long time, they educate their children during years, mourn their dead and transmit knowledge and dialect across generations. They use tools and invent new hunting techniques. Their  intelligence is not comparable to that of humans but probably equivalent. Their emotions are same than ours, ranging from the most terrible grief of death, to the greatest joy of freedom. Their social bonds are even much intense than human ones.


We do not have the right to condemn these marine mammals shaped for the ocean to a life of captivity !
We do not have the right to starve them into obedience !
We do not have the right to force them into a life of boredom in chlorinated water dungeons to be fed dead fish !
We do not have the right to force them to perform tricks an antics for our amusement and entertainment !
No pool, no lagoon can replace the prodigious wealth of the natural habitat of the cetacean world. No dolphins, captive born or caught from the wild, can thrive in dignity in a concrete chlorinated pit.



Antibes Marineland

Brazil, India, Croatia, Slovenia, Cyprus, Switzerland and other countries understood the cruelty of cetacean captivity and have prohibited it in their countries.  In contrast, 15 European countries still exhibit dolphins, killer whales, orcas, porpoises and one river dolphin. 15 EU governments support the economic development of these entertainment parks under the guise of wildlife parks, where children are taught that whales are our slaves.


As conscious human beings, respectful of Earth and all its inhabitants, we cannot allow such aquatic circuses to exist in the 21st century.
This is why we ask the EU to organize the closure of all the dolphinaria in all its member states.
This is why we are asking the EU to prohibit any further opening of such institutions.
This is why we ask that the 307 small whales currently held by 34 dolphinaria in Europe, are moved to enclosed marine bays and rehabilitated and returned to sea, if possible.
We are tired of hearing lies.
We do not want more of these innocent beings imprisoned.
Europe : close dolphinaria and protect whales in the wild !


Join us at the Brussels No Captivity Demo in Brussels,  June 28 th !

French version



Demo 2013 : a huge success !


Make the European Union a dolphinarium-free zone

With the support of Ric O’Barry


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