Free our last 6 dolphins in Belgium.

A dolphin is born in Harderwijk

On July 6th 2013,  a dolphin was born in Harderwijk Dolfinarium, Netherlands.
His father’s name is unknown. His mother, nicknamed Maaike, was « acquired » in 1985 at the holding pen of Gulfport, Texas, USA.
It means that she has been captured by Mobi Solangi in the Gulf of Mexico, as  many other dolphins of Boudewijn Seapark Bruges or elswhere in Europe.

mobi-solangi-rescueMobi Solangi’s « rescued » dolphin promised to circus

Maaike’s estimated age is 30 years.
She is a good “breeding cow” : she already gave birth to Yola, Nalu and Luna and she’s the grandmother of Makai, the Nalu’s daughter.  So little Makai is a third generation captive dolphin, whose father is unknown too. Everything suggests that Hardewijck Dolfinarium actively practices artificial insemination, with the help of SeaWorld.

Harderwijck lagon IIHarderwijk dolphin farm

Frozen semen exchanges are very discreet, as opposed to deportations of living individuals, much more difficult to hide. Let’s remind there is NO European official register of captive dolphins opened to the public, similar to the American MMIR.

This birth proves once again that most of captive born dolphins are born from a « founder » (mother or father),  directly captured in the ocean. Children born from 2 captive-born dolphins are much more rare, or totally absent as in Bruges dolphinarium.

Roxanne_OceanOcean at Bruges. His (now dead) father was Tex
and his mother, Roxanne, both captured

This raises the problem of restocking.
When captured individuals will die or become too old for breeding, how will European Captivity Industry provide itself with new circus animals ? By following the example of Georgia Aquarium, which sponsored belugas captures by Russian specialists ?



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