Free our last 6 dolphins in Belgium.

Another baby dolphin dies at the Boudewijn Seapark (Bruges–Belgium)


Roxanne’s child has lived less than a week

« Tragic news for the Boudewijn Seapark in Bruges : Origi, the baby dolphin born last week, is dead.
The young female died in her pool on Thursday night (on the 3rd of July 2014). Her mother, Roxanne, 29, has tried to push her child to the surface to save her, but in vain. The guards were there because Origi was monitored 24 hours a day ».

« But it all happened too quickly », said the chief trainer, Sander Van der Heul, to VTM television. «Dolphins are born without immunity. That allows the bacteria they ingest to be fatal. An autopsy has to be carried on to determine the cause of the death.
Origi was born on the 23rd of June and was given the name of the Red Devil who has scored against Russia

The slaughter of innocent beings goes on. Since 2011, Roxanne has lost 4 children : first her twins, then the little Bruce the following year (BS-TT-B1201), and now Origi/Alcatraz. The arguments of the Boudewijn Seapark remain the same, with the same words, the same muddy explanations, the same unbelievable statistics. For the press they can release the same communiqué, they just need to change the names.


Here is what the worst dolphinarium in Europe wrote about the death of the previous newborn in September 2012 : « The dolphin Roxanne gave birth to a male dolphin named Bruce at the Boudewijn Seapark, on the 3rd of September. The newborn was healthy and breastfeeding well. Despite the care provided by the staff of the park, the baby dolphin died suddenly on the friday afternoon. « The staff noticed on that afternoon that he suddenly stopped swimming », says the press release. « Roxanne, his mother, immediately tried to bring her son to the surface to let it breathe. Trainers and the veterinarian also tried to save the newborn, but it was too late. The first three weeks are crucial in the development of young dolphins because their immune system is still very low. Half of them do not reach the end of their first year. An autopsy has to be carried on to determine the precise cause of the death. »

And, of course, the results of these autopsies are never mentioned…


Bruce and Roxanne

Origi, just like Bruce before her, and just like the twins, would have been killed by bacteria.
It could seem normal, couldn’t it, considering their immune system was not yet developed. Bacteria? So does it mean that the water in the pools of Bruges is not filtered? Did the baby not receive those massive doses of antibiotics ? Or at the contrary did he already have too much of them in its blood ?

With all the « best care » they receive and with the highly sanitized environment in which they are forced to live, the babies that were born captive shouldn’t know the usual high mortality that they know in the wild. However, the proportion of deaths is higher in Bruges! It has to be said : the mortality rate is lower in other dolphinaria. In Harderwijk, most of the newborns do survive. But the conditions in Bruges are particularly outrageous and inadequate for breeding. No baby has survived since the birth of Ocean in 2003.

And nothing is said about the suffering of Roxanne. Even though the death of a child is, for a mother dolphin, just as painful as for a human mother.

For dolphin mothers, losing a child is a tragedy. Some of them carry the corpse of their newborn for weeks, until the body decomposes. But the family supports those young mothers and, eventually, life goes on.


Dolphin mothers in the wild mourn their child sometimes during several weeks…

In a pool, where the arrival of a child is like a ray of sunshine in a world of darkness and trouble, the pain is even more intense. It goes with a feeling of despair, which sometimes leads to acts of infanticide during the following births. It happened to Mavis, at the West Edmonton Mall, who drowned her child, and also probably to Iris, in Duisburg, with her last baby. Freya, the orca in Antibes, had to receive massive doses of antidepressants to bear the loss of her numerous children.


The Boudewijn Seapark must IMMEDIATELY renounce to any future attempt of breeding in a pool. At this rate, Roxanne is going to die, and we can already imagine she received antidepressants.
Further than that, the Boudewijn Seapark must be NOW put under investigation and its managers must be prosecuted for bad treatments towards dolphins!

Let’s remember them all :

Gorky (M) : born on the 14th of August 1993, transferred to the Zoomarine (Portugal) on the 16th of January 2001. He died in 2003.
Simo (M) : born on the 8th of July 1995. He died by accident during a fight between adults at the age of 2,5 months.
Luna (F) : born on the 3rd of December, deported also to the Zoomarine (Portugal) on the 16th of January 2001. Then to Zoomarine Italy in 2005. Then back to Pourugal in 2008. Her brother Marco is still alive in Italy.
Iggy (M) : born and dead in 2002.
Unnamed twins : 5th of August 2011 : « One of the twins that Roxanne was carrying just died. The veterinarians have found out that the heart of one of the fetuses had stopped. The second one is doing well, just like her mother, Roxanne. The Bruges dolphinarium expected this death, knowing that twin pregnancies amongst dolphins are extremely rare and very risky. The amniotic cavity of the young dolphin who died is still intact, so there is no danger of ignition for the mother and the other little dolphin. The dead fetus normally has to come out spontaneously so that the other can grow up properly until birth » Boudewijn Seapark explained.
– 30th of August 2011 : the second twin also dies ! Born before term, he was no longer viable ; The mother is doing well, if you can say that…
– 7th of September 2012 : Bruce dies. Roxanne had given birth to this male dolphin (BS-TT-B1201) on the 3rd of September. The newborn was healthy and breastfeeding well. Despite all the care provided by the staff, he dies suddenly on the Friday afternoon. Except the best « care » would be not to confine dolphins!
Origi, born on the 23rd of June 2014 and dead on the 3rd of July 2014.



Mother mourning her baby in the wild.

Origi has only lived a week. The despair of Roxanne is probably impossible to evaluate, but she will surely receive increased doses of antidepressants. Let’s remember that, in the wild, female dolphins give birth to a child every 2 to 4 years, and well beyond 40.
Let’s remember that in Sarasota, in 2010, Cathy was already a grand-grand-grandmother at the age of 44…



Origi and Roxanne : such a short happiness…


Roxanne’s bio :

Ceta Base :

Text Y.G.
Traduction Christelle Bornauw



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