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July 12th 2015 : soon the end of Antibes Marineland ?


The new generation is rising. « I’m little but I understood »

Last July the 12th, in front of the doors of the Antibes Marineland, about 600 people demonstrated in calm and dignity. Numerous French people do not want slave orcas or slave dolphins anymore, and that day, we have made it clear. Cars passing in front of this army of posters and leaflets also honked as a sign of approval and support.

Ric O’Barry and John Hargrove were with us. One is the founder of our movement, travelling regularly from Taiji to Miami, also through China and Indonesia, to save captive cetaceans. The other is the best expert of tamed orcas, including Antibes’ orcas, revealing today all the horrors of the industry in his book « Beneath the surface ».
Both of them have talked with the press, with very adequate and touching words, while Pierre Robert de Latour reminded us what orcas really are when they are free.


All united against injustice

It was probably the first time that the Antibes Marineland was confronted to such an assault.
And the press knew this. The demonstration has been reported all the way to Canada, and even in France ! The Nice-Matin newspaper, until now at the orders of SeaWorld’s branch in Antibes, has had the courage to publish a whole and complete article about the demonstration.


« Behind the business, the distress ». Even the press changes its point of view

During that time though, the show did go on.
Under a burning sun, a few dolphins were doing various somersaults and jumps, while others had to go through repeated petting sessions in the too hot waters of a plastic lagoon.
Two of them died beginning of this year 2015, but the Marineland has only admitted it… the day of the demonstration.
Eclair (M), died of prostate cancer and Mila (F), died of « eating bits of leaves » in early 2015.
Without our article and the huge protesting demonstration in front of Marineland this weekend, John Kershaw, director of Marineland, would never have announced these deaths in a particularly ridiculous interview, also very indecent and full of lies.


The lagoon. If you pay more, you can now swim with the dolphins.

Not far from there, 5 orphan orcas were forced to dance on Jennifer Lopez very loud music. Nobody knows how Freya, the eldest, captured in Island, died. Nobody knows what happened to her corpse, already damaged by too many meds, too many drugs, too many diseases, too many miscarriages, and too much despair.


Orcas in Marineland on July 12th 2015. Photo

So the show does go on ?
But not for long.
SeaWorld is collapsing. The « empire » is getting ready to leave the States and to start its deadly business again in Asia and in the Middle East. The highest scientific organisms, a lot of the stars of the media and most of the public do condemn now the imprisonment of orcas. It will soon be banished from the States.
Eventually, the Marineland in Antibes will know the same fate. Maybe a few years later.

We demand now the Marineland to act before the catastrophy. We demand that it stops taming, drugging, masturbating and putting artificially pregnant its captive cetaceans. We demand the Marineland to start collaborating with our specialists to create a large and big marine sanctuary where orcas and dolphins will be able to live and reproduce to the rhythm of the tides and the deep plunges. A shelter that they will be able to leave, if one day they are ready, to join the free people of the ocean.

A big thank you to everyone taking part in this fight against injustice, with so much love, courage and will. It is going in the course of History. And we shall win.

Translation : Christelle Bornauw

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